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Your Blanchard Grinder Specialist

When it comes to durability, you would be hard pressed to find machines that stand the test of time the way Blanchard grinders do. That's one of the reasons F.P. Miller Co. specializes in, not only repair and remanufacturing of your current Blanchard grinders, but also sales of Blanchard grinders and parts. Don't trust your most valuable equipment to just anybody. Trust the professional technicians at F.P. Miller Co.

Blanchard Grinder Inventory

Blanchard Grinder SpecialistAt F.P. Miller Co., we carry a full inventory of Blanchard Rotary Surface Grinders that go all the way back to the 1950s! This ensures we have just the machine you need. Get full specs on each model and call for a more information or a quote. We offer full turnkey service and/or financing options most models. We also stand behind each product by offering a 30-day return privilege.

Blanchard Grinder Remanufacturing Process

Blanchard Grinder Remanufacturing ProcessBeing a Blanchard grinder specialist means knowing your grinders inside and out. At F.P. Miller Co., we specialize in Blanchard Rotary Surface Grinder repair, rebuilding, and service. We offer fast turnaround times, reasonable pricing, expert service, all with guaranteed quality. Whether you require a complete rebuild or minor repairs, our quality, experience and expertise is unmatched in the industry.

The manufacturing process can include the following steps:

  • Inspection and Disassembly
  • Saddle and Gearbox Disassembly
  • Magentic Chuck Removal
  • Vertical Column Spindle Removal
  • Spindle Drive Motor Inspection/Repair
  • Base Machining
  • Small Component Prep
  • Spindle Drive Installation
  • New Wiring Installation

Blanchard Grinder Parts

Blanchard Grinder PartsSometimes parts can be refurbished. Sometimes parts need to be replaced. At F.P. Miller Co., part of being a specialist means carrying the replacement parts you need to get your Blanchard grinder back up and running. If you know which part you need, we can gladly pull from our inventory and even send out a technician to handle installation. If you are not sure which part you need, our expert inspection can point you in the right direction.

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