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Machine Field Service and Troubleshooting

machine field serviceMachines don't always go down during "normal business hours," nor do they come with flashing signs that tell you exactly what is wrong. Still, for every minute that a machine is down, you could be losing valuable productivity time and, if you are working with a just-in-time delivery model, creating a ripple effect on the entire production process. That's why, at F.P. Miller Company, we offer full machine field service capabilities and troubleshooting around the clock.

Machine Field Service

F.P. Miller Company offers both field service and mobile maintenance to address your needs at your facility to minimize the down time it would take to ship it to and from our facility. Our technicians are available for 24-hour service and can work directly with your staff to get your machines up and running again. Some of our field services include:

  • Blanchard grinder inspection, disassembly, cleaning, reassembly
  • Blanchard grinder saddle and gearbox rebuilds
  • CNC run-offs
  • CNC programming
  • Air compressor maintenance

Machine Troubleshooting

With industrial machines, troubleshooting rarely starts with, "Is it plugged in?" The truth is, problems could lie just about anywhere and it only takes one small issue to cause a domino effect on the whole machining process. That's why F.P. Miller Company's staff is trained to work with your staff to trouble shooting the following:

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Pnuematic systems

In some cases, you may have someone on staff who can correct an issue once identified. In other cases, we offer full build services to get you back to work.