Amano Dust and Mist Collectors

For 63 years, Amano has been providing high-quality environmental solutions to the metal cutting industry that include oil and water soluble mist collectors, and standard and large scale dust collection systems. Amano's Philosophy for what they call the New Environmental Era is to build workplaces that are both friendly to the people who work their, and friendly to the environment. To that end, Amano supports its customers in their efforts to obtain the ISO1400 (Environmental Management System) Certification.

F.P. Miller Co. is your one-stop source for freestanding and component Amano equipment. We offer three of Amano's top products: their MJ-Series Filterless Mist Collection System, the Mistria Mist Collection System, and the PiE Pulse Jet-type Intelligent Dust Collection System.

Amano MJ-Series Filterless Mist Collectors

Featuring a 99.9% collection efficiency of 2.0µm particles, Amano MJ Series Filterless Mist Collectors offer both excellent filtering capabilities as well as a significant savings in total coolant costs over other mist collectors. The powerful cyclone, which can collect as much as 300 cubic feet per minute, also carries away the hot air generated by the machine, exhausting it separately from the collected coolants. That helps to cool the machines serviced by the mist collector. Further, the filterless design makes maintenance easy and less expensive by eliminating the need for replacement filters.

Big power in a small package defines Amano's Mistria MZ-Series Mist Collectors! They are a great match for a wide variety of machine tool, spraying, and other industrial applications. The smaller motor is ideal for those looking to cut energy costs while maintaining the same airflow, achieved through the use of a high-efficiency fan, but the heart of the MZSeries is the filtration system.

The patent-pending diffusing cone controls airflow and ensures that the mist hits the entire surface of the primary filter, where large mist particles are captured. From there, the mist goes into the spinning secondary filter, located at the back of the fan, which both condenses and separates fine mists. These filters are easy to clean with water and are easy to quickly replace with no tools. With 3 models to choose from, Amano's Mistria MZ Series Mist Collectors can fit almost any machine tool need.

Amano PiE-Series Dust Collectors

The Amano PiE-Series of Pulse Jet Dust Collectors is a best-seller wherever Amano products are sold. All three of the machines in the series offer easy programming of airflow and the differential pressures that trigger the pulse jet; and user-friendly operational and maintenance information including differential pressure across the filters, airflow, and time until maintenance is needed. The U-series and M-series automatically select the ideal operational mode for the pulse jet, while the pulse jets in the A-series machines work at preset intervals.

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