Fagor Digital Readout Systems

F.P. Miller Co., your source for Fagor Digital Readout Systems, is proud to offer the latest technology for your lathes, mills, grinders, and other machine tools.

The Innova Series

The Innova series of Fagor Digital Readout Systems represents the latest technology in machine tool measuring and control systems. The advanced features, excellent quality, and highly competitive prices of Innova Series DROs make them the ideal choice for any machine tool application. Many of these advanced features, all of which come standard, are exclusive to Fagor Automation. Knowing the needs of its customers as well as the applications they use has allowed Fagor to develop these features in order to increase the productivity of milling machines, boring mills, lathes and grinders among other applications.

The Innova 10i Digital Readout System

This is the base unit for the Innova family of digital readout systems. The Innova 10i Digital Readout Systems boast two models that are easy to install, maintain, and use.

Model and Application

  • 10i DRO for single-axis general-purposes applications
  • 10i-E DRO for EDM applications

The Innova 20i Digital Readout Systems

The next step up in the Innova family of digital readout systems, the Innova 10i Digital Readout System is perfect for 2-axis generalpurpose applications as well as a wide variety of other machine tools. Innova 20i Digital Readout System can handle nearly any machine tool application you have.

Model and Application

  • 20i DRO for 2-axis general-purpose applications.
  • 20i-M DRO for 2-axis milling and boring mill applications.
  • 20i-E DRO for EDM applications.
  • 20i-T DRO for 2-axis lathes.

The Innova 30i Digital Readout System

Much like its predecessors, the Innova 30i Digital Readout System offers great flexibility across three axes as well as a broad range of features to meet the most demanding needs on the shop floor.

Model and Application

    • 30i DRO for 3-axis milling and boring mill applications.
    • 30i-E DRO for EDM applications.
    • 30i-T DRO for 3-axis lathes.

The Innova 40i "trueVision" Digital Readout System

Following the feature looks of the Innova series, FAGOR presents their new 40i DRO with an exclusive color TFT screen that displays programming assistance and solid graphics making it a lot easier to work on the various machines that may be equipped with it. Moreover, with a screen that allows for great viewing from any angle, the Innova 40i lives up to its "TrueVision" label.

Model and Application

  • 40i DRO for grinfers, 2-3-axis lathers, 2-4 -axis milling machines and boring mills, as well as for other gerneral-purpose applications
  • 30i DRO for 2-4-axis milling machines and boring mills.
  • 40i-T DRO for 4-axis lathes.
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