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Since 1945, Air Hydraulics has been turning out world-class presses, index tables, impact hammers and special machinery. Along the way, they have become pretty darn good at customer satisfaction, too, taking every opportunity to ensure that the products they deliver serve the exact needs they are intended to serve. It's a common mindset that we definitely share here at F.P. Miller Co.

If you have specific questions or would just like to learn more, we encourage you to visit Air-Hydraulics, Inc. Solutions today.

Model C Air-Hydraulic Press

Model C Air-Hydraulic Press

The Model C Air-Hydraulic Press is a more cost effective and energy efficient alternative to the Full Hydraulic Press.

These C-Series Units come in four sizes ranging from 2.5 ton to 15 ton capacity. Standard features include a full length power stroke, 2.0" adjustable downstop, and an anti-rotation ram guide. These heavy duty C-frame units can be mounted on a floor stand or a bench top machine base. They also have an adjustable force regulator and speed control regulator.

Model AH Hydra-Pneumatic Press

Model AH Hydra-Pneumatic Press

The Model AH Hydra-Pneumatic Press, or sometime referred to as an "air over oil" press, is an alternative solution to conventional hydraulics presses by providing a cleaner, quieter, and more cost effective solution to a wide variety of pressing and forming applications. This unit provides a rapid low force approach stroke with a self-contained hydraulic intensified power stroke all in one complete package.

Air-Hydraulics Rotary Indexing Table

Air-Hydraulics Rotary Indexing Table

The Air-Hydraulics Rotary Indexing Table is an outstanding performer with virtually unlimited applications.

This rugged, low profile pneumatic indexing tables are the perfect fit for your next assembly or machining project. The “shot pin” locking mechanism assures a positive and accurate locking position, while the index cylinder delivers a smooth and controlled indexing motion. All these functions operate without the use of electric motors or controllers.

Air Compressor Replacement Parts

If you ever need replacement parts for your air compressor, you can count on F.P. Miller Co. to have just what you need. Our great collection of air compressor parts is in stock and ready to ship when you need it. Should you unable find what you are looking for, let us know and we'll do our very best to find it for you.

If have any questions, please give us a call at 517-787-3100. Let our decades of experience help you get just what you need.

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