Dake 75 Ton, Hydraulic 2 Post, Guided Platen Gap Press, 87'

TypePresses, Hydraulic




Stock #17012



Tonnage: 75 tons
Stroke: 19 inches
Daylight: 24 inches
Power: 20 horsepower
Bed Width: 24 inches
Bed Length: 39 inches
IPM: No Specs Attached inches-per-minute
CNC Control: no
Type of CNC Control: No Specs Attached
Dimensions: No Specs Attached
Weight: 11000 pounds
75 Ton
24" of Daylight
24" x 39" x 3-1/2" Thick Bed
20" x 30" x 4-1/2" Thick Ram
19 " Stroke (Adjustable)

Equipped with:
20 HP, 1800 RPM Motor 
Air Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Dual Palm Button Operation
Cleaned, Painted and Tested

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