Blanchard #11-16, 16" Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder

TypeGrinders, Surface, Rotary




Stock #16920



Spindle Motor: 15 HP, 240/480 volt,
Range: 20" Diameter x 9" Vertical 
Chuck: 16" Diameter 
Chuck Speeds: 15, 24, 41, 64 RPM
Grinding Wheel: Solid Cylindrical
Grinding Wheel Speed: 1200 RPM
Feeds: .003 - .070 IPM
Floor Space: 5'3"L x 3'6"W x 6' 8-3/4"Max./5' 9-1/2"Min.H
Approx. Weight: 7,500 lbs

Equipped with:
Magnetic Chuck Controls
Coolant Pump and Piping
Automatic Saddle Traverse
Cleaned and Painted, Column /Head Tram, Precision Grind Table and Test Parts Run

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