Blanchard #48D-96, 96" Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder

TypeGrinders, Surface, Rotary




Stock #16889



96" Magnetic Chuck (1/2" Chuck Life)
108" Swing Inside Water Guards
48" Grinding Wheel Head Stock
150 HP Main Spindle Drive, 350 RPM Wheel Speed
33" Vertical Travel
(4) Table Speeds of 2.6, 4.1, 6.6, 10.2 RPM
(21) Incremental Down Feeds of  .008-.096 IPM

Equipped with:

Hardened Bed Base Ways
Automatic Lube System
Electronic Magnetic Chuck Controls
Wheel Dresser
Rapid Traverse Head Up/Down
Weight: 87,000 LBS. Approximate
Floor Space: 246" L x 130" W x 215" H

Price to include the following minimum repairs:
1. Disassemble Machine components (Water Guards, Spindle , Column, Bed Ways, Saddle
2. Disassemble Spindle unit, check bores, send winding out to clean, triple coat and re-bake, replace bearings with Timken Class III Bearings
3. Remove elevating screw and nut and send out for inspection, repair or replace as necessary
4. Flake head and column way surfaces
5. Remove and repair as necessary, 48" Cortland segment holder (replace clamps with new)
6. Replace lube lines, replace lube pumps (as needed)
7. Repair wheel dresser as needed
8. Remove hardened bed ways, re-grind , re-install
9. Flake saddle and cup way surfaces
10. Disassemble table rotation gear box in saddle and repair as necessary
11. Disassemble saddle traverse gear box and repair as necessary
12. Replace Rack and Pinion (if needed) 
13. Repair or replace all water guards as necessary
14. Re-Assemble machine
15. All new coolant lines and electronic water valve
16. Repair electrical panel as necessary
17. Set up, tram column and spindle, grind in magnetic chuck and run test parts
18. Clean and paint 
90 Day Warranty on all work performed

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