Used Komatsu 90 Amp Plasma Cutter 5' x 10' Table

TypePlasma Cutters

BrandN / A


YearN / A

Stock #WAR002



Cut-Width: No Specs Attached inches
Cut-Length: No Specs Attached inches
Plasma Power: No Specs Attached milliamperes
# Plasma Torches: No Specs Attached
Cutting Speed: No Specs Attached inches-per-minute
Rapid Traverse Speed: No Specs Attached inches-per-minute
CNC Control: No Specs Attached
Type of CNC Control: No Specs Attached
Dimensions: No Specs Attached
Weight: No Specs Attached ounces
Max. Cutting Width: 5'
Max. Cutting Length: 10'
Mild Steel Capacity: 0.062" - 0.5"
Aluminum Steel Capacity: 0.062" - 0.5"
Stainless Steel Capacity: 0.028" - 0.5"
Minimum Kerf Width: 0.06"
Cutting Speed Range: 30-300 IPM
Rapid Traverse Speed: 1000 IPM
Variable Cutting Current: 3-90 Amps
Plasma Power Poser Requirement's: 230 V / 3 Ph / 50/60 Hz - 27.0 KVA
Control Unit: LCD Display, Alpha-Numeric, Keypad, Joystick
Torch Height Control: Komatsu Control w/ Setup Probe
Machine Weight: 4,800 lbs.
Floor Space: 16' x 30'
On Location Spring Arbor, MI 49283

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