Industrial Metal Lathes

Industrial metal lathes, also known as engine lathes, are an integral part of metalworking operations, and whether you need them for cutting, sanding, knurling, or drilling, their versatility has only expanded in recent times with their potential to work on a broad range of materials including plastics.

At F.P. Miller Co., we’ve been a trusted name in supplying plant equipment and machinery like industrial metal lathes for the last 75 years. Our commitment to customer service, integrity, and transparency combined with our ability to repair and service anything we sell is part of what makes us a leader in the sale, resale, and remanufacture of industrial machinery.

If you have any questions related to our industrial metal lathes, feel free to give us a call.

LeBlond Regal 26" x 132" Gap Bed Engine Lathe

TypeLathes, Engine



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